Apr 24, 2019

The truth about being a Stay-At-Home Mom

Being a Stay-at-home mom is a dream to a lot of mothers, and for some, it's the most scariest thing in the world. Stepping out of your comfort zone (having two incomes, stable finances, and showing off your boss lady status), to step into a new season, such as the life of a SAHM is nothing easy or smooth to transition into. I know because I was that mom. I was the mom who worked 9-6 Monday through Friday, rushed home to cook dinner, bathe the kids every night, and despite all the chaos of being a working mom, never had to question our finances because both my husband and I combined had an annual income of about $70,000. We were living the life, sort of.

Now that I'm home with my girls, I can honestly say that I've had my good days and my bad days. I've cried. I've laughed. I've been sure of this new season and other times I've doubted it. I'm pretty sure that I can't be the only mother who has gone through this roller coaster of emotions being a SAHM.

Because of this, I wanted to share some truth to the mother transition into this season that I am currently in. It is not put fear into you but to shed some light and encourage you.

The truth about being a SAHM

  1. Being a SAHM can be the most loneliest thing ever, but you are never alone.
"...as I was with Moses, so I will be with you. I will not leave you nor forsake you. Be strong and of good courage..." - Joshua 1:5-6

      2.  Being a SAHM can be stressful, but the stress doesn't last forever.
 "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." - 1 Peter 5:7

      3.  Being a SAHM will drain you, but at the end of the day your kids will always be happy. 
"The Lord will guide you continually, And satisfy your soul in drought, And strengthen your bones; You shall be like a watered garden, And like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail." - Isaiah 58:11

     4.   Being a SAHM will be a financial strain, but you will never be in need.
"And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." - Phillipians 4:19

    5.  Being a SAHM you will lose sleeo, but you will always be well rested.
"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." - Matthew 11:28

My truth?

Being a stay-at-home mom is not what I thought it was going to be. It's so much more. And I'm thankful to God because He has not left my side and He has continued to provide for our family, and I know He will do the same for you.

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Apr 15, 2019

Surrenderance is needed in order to enter the Secret Place

Oh man! I don't know where to begin with this post. I'm filled with so much emotion and excitement at the same that it's literally just trying to explode out of me. This last Sunday, yesterday, the presence of God was so tangible in our church service; it pretty much always is, but for me, I was able to experience being submerged in His presence to the point where it was just Him and I, no one else around. I kept telling Him that I surrendered my heart and my mind to Him, which to be quite honest, I've struggled a lot with in the past.

Surrendering my heart and my mind? That's hard! I'm human. How can I give Him total control of what's in my mind and what's in my heart? It's crazy to me. But that's what my heart kept shouting out to Him. Right after that, I could see the words that He was telling me, as clear as day in my mind (I had to grab my phone and type out the words so that I would never forget). He told me this.
I cannot take you to the secret place you want to be in unless you surrender your mind, your heart, and your spirit to ME. I need total and complete surrenderance. 

Why did He specify that I needed to surrender everything to HIM?

Because sometimes, in life, we get so caught up in the moment, so caught up in our trouble and sorrows, that we end up surrendering to other people instead of to God. How does that happen? It happens when you allow your mind to continue thinking and trying to process things that you will never be able to really process and understand.

I wanted to share this with you today and tell you that if you want to go into that Secret Place, where it's you and God, you need to surrender to Him. Don't question it anymore. Just surrender. Stop overthinking your situation, surrender your thoughts to God and see how He will give you total peace of mind. Stop going back to what hurt you and reliving it over and over again. Surrender that hurt to God and watch Him heal your pain and give you a heart of steal, that never stops beating, no matter what it goes through. Surrender your spirit and allow Him to enter and be the source of everything that flows through your veins.

God wants to do something big in each and every one of us. But He cannot work in us, until we put up the white flag and give up trying for ourselves. It is only through Him that we have the victory in this lifetime.

I want to encourage you with these Bible verses. As you read, write down the one that speaks out to you the most and recite it every day this week with authority and know that God is with you and He is for you. He will NEVER leave you.


"Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up." - James 4:10
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." - Matthew 11:28
"He says, "Be still, and know that I am God..." - Psalm 46:10
"Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God - this is your true and proper worship." - Romans 12:1 


If you find yourself needing prayer today, know that you are not alone, I am here to help you pray. Comment below OR email at canoministries@gmail.com


Apr 5, 2019

Life update: I quit my job and became a SAHM!

Hey guys! It's definitely been a while since I wrote a new blog post - but for good reason! If you're following me on social media, then you know I've been working a little extra behind the scenes. I've been focusing my time specifically on emails and of course, my Facebook group. Why you ask? Because I wanted to reach my audience on a more personal level than just a blog post here and there. I realized that not only did I have a good amount of frequent readers, but I also had people reading my blog that I had no idea were following this ministry. So, I decided to take a month to seek guidance from God on what new material I can bring you and also, connect a little bit more with you guys.


Working behind the scenes has been a blessing. I am currently doing an email series called: 10 Habits of an Influential Person and so far it's going great! This is my first one ever, but I'm glad I took the time to do it. Some people signed up that I didn't think would, but it's pretty cool. I'm hoping and praying that God directs me to a new topic that I can do another email series for. So if you missed this one, keep a look out and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter - you'll be one of the first persons to know when when we have a new one coming up.

As for my Facebook Group, I've been active as much as I could be. I've been posting daily encouragement, music, blog posts, etc and I know it has been a blessing to many. Would I love a little bit more interaction from my group members? Of course. But that comes with time. I know people can be shy sometimes when posting in a group setting like that. But its been good. If you haven't joined, be sure to do so and join our community. Join here!


Okay, lets get to the good stuff now. I know you're probably anxious to know why I left my job to become a Stay at Home Mom. Well, let me tell you this. It was not an easy decision. I genuinely loved my job and the people I worked with. They were truly as real as it gets. I've never worked with a group of people like that and it was truly a blessing. I'm hoping that I can keep in touch with everyone and if the opportunity comes back up, maybe join them again in the future. But, even though it was hard decision, it was definitely a decision that had to be made.

I was working from 9am to 6pm and I had about a 45 minute drive everyday to my moms to pick up the girls (she picked them up from the babysitters after 5pm), and then about 15-20 minutes to get them ready at my moms to head down the road to my house. I wouldn't get home and settled until about 19:30 most days. At that time, my husband, Orlando (we'll call him O for short from now on) was still not home from work. So I would be home, with some sleepy kids, trying to cook dinner, and get them bathed before bed time. We would end up eating at about 20:00, the days I did cook. And the days I didn't, we would eat out. Eating out was definitely our go to during the week and quite frankly, on the weekends too - I mean, who wants to cook on a weekend? It started becoming pretty miserable. We didn't have time for anything during the week and on the weekends when O was finally off, I wouldn't let him plan something fun for us because I was too focused on getting the house cleaned and washing clothes.

It was really hectic.

Finally, I began missing a lot of work. Pretty much every week I was missing a day of work - unintentionally (I won't get into that right now) and I didn't want to have a bad rep at a place I loved so much. One day I couldn't go into and that's when I finally, I just need to leave and be home with the girls. I sent in that letter with tears, literally, because I did not want to quit. I did my two weeks and the last 3 days were just a mess. Naya got sick the flu and so did the babysitters girls so I was stuck at home and unable to finish my last few days at work. I felt terrible, but a momma has to do what a momma has to do.


Has this transition been easy? Heck no! I cried of anxiety the first few days. O even told me that if I wasn't happy with my decision, then he would be okay with me going back to work. But with whatever decision I chose, he just wanted me to chose what was best for the whole family. I slept on that comment for a few days. I was annoyed for like a whole week because I just wasn't used to be home all the time. But after seeing things from a different perspective, and seeing how happy my girls were to be with, and seeing that I was able to cook every day, my husband was able to take lunch, we started saving literally HUNDREDS of dollars, this was definitely the best decision for us.

So many things have changed since becoming a SAHM. I know we have tried this before and I've gone back to work, mostly to help my husband financially, but this time, things are different. God is definitely the one in the mix. Right after I sent in my resignation letter, O calls me and tells me that they brought him into the office at work. I freaked out. I said, "oh my God, they fired and I just gave my notice", lol. It's funny how we freak out without actually knowing what's going on. But he tells me to calm down that he has some really good news.....

He got offered a higher position, paying double of what he already made a year.

Is that a blessing or what?


God is a God of provision. I've witnessed it time and time and time again. And I am still currently witnessing his favor over my family.

Okay, enough about me. What have you been up to? What's new?

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