27 things in 27 years

by Cynthia Cano, 6:00 AM

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am beyond blessed to say that God has granted me the privilege of a 27th year full of love and happiness. It's crazy to think about the fact that I used to dream of turning 15 because that was the "cool age". Then when I turned 15, I dreamed of turning 21. Then at 21 I dreaded the fact that I was 9 years away from turning 30. Now, at 27, I feel blessed to have reached this age and feel excited to be 3 years away from big 3-0. 

In honor of my birthday, and my age, I wanted to share 27 things with you; from blessings, to opportunities, to my bucket list and to the future! God has been good, He has always been good, and I know He will continue to be good and continue blessing me. 

Huge Blessings

  1. I am blessed to have been born. At the time that I was conceived, my mother had trouble getting pregnant, but that never stopped her from praying to God to give her a little. The amazing part is that my mother was not a Christian when said these prayers and God still not only listened to her, but granted her petition.
  2. I am blessed to have moved around just to get to Indiana. Although many people wont see this as a blessing, I do, because if it wasn't for us moving from Connecticut to Florida and then to Indiana, I would have never met my husband or had the kids that I have now. 
  3. I am blessed to have the husband that I have. We've had so many ups and downs but the good times have and continue to outweigh the bad moments that we have had. I am so thankful to have the husband that I have who loves, serves and protects me each and every day.
  4. I am blessed to be a mother. For so long, I worried whether or not God would grant me the opportunity to be a mom and one day He did. Motherhood is something so special to me, even when my kids make me want to rip all of my hair off (lol), I still appreciate it so much.
  5. I am blessed to have two sets of parents. I don't like to say that I grew in a "broken home" like many people would consider because my home was never broken. God knew that I needed two dads and two mothers and I'm so grateful for that because the ones that He gave me are beyond amazing. Each parent has been there to love and support me all the way!
  6. I am blessed to be a SAHM. Spending time with my babies and watching them grow each and every day is true blessing. The time spent together is incomparable.
  7. I am blessed to have released some people from my past and welcome new ones. The end of 2018 was a really tough time for me and my family. It was a season where God pressed us immensely to remove us from one environment and place us in another one. Even though it was one of the toughest things I had to go through in a long time, it turned out to be a huge blessing.
  8. I am blessed to know Jesus. I know that probably sounds corny to some people,but its the utmost truth. If it was not for knowing Jesus and accepting Him as my one and only Savior, I would probably be on the road to destruction.
  9. I am blessed to be a homeowner. Owning a home is such a big accomplishment. My husband and I were able to work hard to get here right after God restored our marriage and now we are raising our beautiful daughters in a house they can call home for a long time.
  10. I am blessed to have been able to reach a 27th year of life. Not many young people make it this far in life and I am grateful to God that I have. But most of all, I'm thankful that I've made it this far with Him in my life. Growing up in a Christian home is by the far the best thing that could've happened but that it was shaped me into who I am today.

Amazing Opportunities

  1. What an amazing opportunity to dance in worship to the Lord. Doing danza or praise dance, has been such a great experience and opportunity because I never thought I would do it. I've always loved to do pantomimes but when I stepped into the world of praise dance, I experienced something completely out of this world.
  2. What an amazing opportunity to branch out in ministry. You know, I've been blogging for many years, but it wasn't until late 2018-2019 that I started to branch out and actually form this ministry. This year I released my prayer cards and added a great friend to the prayer team.
  3. What an amazing opportunity to have been able to leave my job and become a SAHM. This was something I wished for since I had my oldest and God finally granted me with being able to do. He blessed my husband at work to the point where we are now living a comfortable life even with just one income.
  4. What an amazing opportunity to be able to give short teachings/reflections at church. Though these teachings are short, they have given me the opportunity to open up a little more and work on my timidness. I am so thankful for our Pastors and for them giving us the opportunity to be able to contribute in this way. I know this is only the beginning, but its definitely prepping us for whats next!

Bucket List

  1. I would like to travel to a few places I have never been to before. 
  2. I would like to join a mommy group outside of FB or even create one. As a SAHM I think it would be great to meet other SAHM in the neighborhood.
  3. I would like to step out of my comfort zone and start a YouTube channel.

What I look forward to in the upcoming year

  1. I look forward to growing and maturing within myself spiritually and mentally.
  2. I look forward to seeing my ministry grow into what God has already designed it to be.
  3. I look forward to working together with my husband in ministry. My blogging ministry is one thing, but I know when O and I begin our ministry together, it will be powerful!
  4. I look forward to getting closer with God and learning to depend on Him more and more each day.
  5. I look forward to homeschooling my girls until they are old enough for Kindergarten.
  6. I look forward to going back to school this Fall.
  7. I look forward to enjoying this 27th year with my family and close friends. Each year brings new memories and I can't wait to make them and capture all those good moments.
  8. I look forward to travelling more this year. 
  9. I look forward to being part of the growth in the church that we are currently in. It's been amazing being part of small beginnings like this.
  10. I look forward to what God is going to do with this blog.


One more thing before you go! In honor of this special day, I wanted to gift you with a free 7 day devotional. I opted out of doing a monthly scripture plan this month and wanted to go a little deeper within this specific topic because I know that if I have struggled with it, others have too.

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