I've been praying to God for guidance and confirmation on choosing my word for this new year and it's taken a while for me to finally feel safe with the one that I chose. For many weeks I went back and forth between two words: Consistency & Tunnel Vision. I guess that's actually three words but Tunnel Vision go together, so you get it. But anyway, These are the two words that I battled on and on in my head about over the last few weeks.
In previous years, choosing a word for the new years has been a lot easier for me. Part of it was because I didn't necessarily "pray" about it the way that I should. And part of it was because I thought I had an idea of what my year would be like based on how the previous year went. Although, if I'm quite honest, the real contribution to my fast decision is simply that I didn't depend on God. 

This year, I wanted God to guide me in choosing a word, even if that meant starting 2020 without one. But God confirmed my word just in time.


That's right! The two words I went back and forth about are the very two words God gave me for 2020. I've never heard of anyone choosing two words before, and if anyone has, PLEASE share below in the comments how that went for you; but if God gave me these two words it's for a reason. 

With all of my heart, I believe there is no coincidence on why God gave me these two words to live by this year. For one, I'm known for being very inconsistent. I start something and don't finish. Unfortunately, inconsistency is a very bad quality of mine but I know God is about to change that! I can also get distracted by pretty much anything! Social media and life bumps. With my starting my new business, social has become a huge part of my daily schedule so I'm hoping to limit phone/social media time and spend more time with God. Life bumps? Those are the bad moments in life. When something goes wrong, I'm quick to "fall back", quit, or get discouraged. With tunnel vision and consistency in my life, I'm hoping to be able to block off everything surrounding me, no matter how hard, tough, sad, whatever, and keep it moving. 

I know God has a bigger purpose for my family and I but if I am inconsistent and easily distracted, there's no way, I can do my part in God's plan for my life. 

So do you see why I just had to chose two words this year?

It's all about GOD'S PURPOSE & PLAN.

Have you chosen a word for 2020? Or maybe a Bible verse (I've heard of people doing this before and it's pretty amazing). I'd love for you to share it with me down in the comments!

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  1. I don't have a word for 2020. I've had one every year since 2014, but not this coming year. At least right now. :) I do have a chapter I'm going to be focusing on during the year; Psalm 8.

    Consistency is something I need to work on. I too get distracted easily.


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