I am always up for honesty and transparency, and if I'm completely honest with you, I haven't always put God first. I know, not many people tend to admit that, but if I am going to learn and strive to make him a priority in my life, then I need to by honest with myself and my readers. I cannot encourage you guys to do something if I'm not doing it first; there's no way. For that reason, this whole month of January, I'm on a mission to put God first in everything and I'm hoping you join along.

Today I'm going to be sharing with you 7 ways to give God your best offering, be it at home, at church, in the office, wherever, we're going to learn together, how we can offer God the best of us and not the sloppy seconds. Ready?

7 Ways To Give God Your Best Offering

1. Wake up earlier

You probably read this first one and said, easier said than done, lol and let me tell you, I agree!!! But giving God that uninterrupted time in the morning is always the best. Not only does it set the atmosphere for the rest of your day, but it makes you feel closer to him and ultimately, that should be the goal in this life for all of us!

2. Make time for church related activities

Mm. I'm really speaking to myself on this one, but I'd appreciate if you kept reading...
One of the biggest excuses that we Christians use is I don't have time to go to church or I'll go next time. I know because I've used these same excuses. Actually, I've even used my kids as excuses: The kids won't stay still, they won't let me pray, they will interrupt other people, etc. Yea, I've become that mom I said I would never become. It happens. Granted, you can't expect for toddlers to be still, but that should not stop me, you, from not making time to go to church. And not only go to church, but participate in activities going on in the church. There is always a way, peeps. I know we won't always have babysitters available to go watch the kids, but there is still a way. 

3. Surround yourself with Godly influences

How can Godly influences help you give God that best offering? Well because they will encourage you and motivate you do better. They won't come to you with negative vibes that will discourage you and make you feel less inclined to seek God, but they will come to you with positivity, encouragement, and they will uplift when you are down, they will push you to your fullest potential. Those type of people are the ones we need in our lives. I also strongly believe that knowing what kind of people and friendships to have in our lives not only helps us but it pleases God and in a sort of way, it's an offering to him as well. Surrounding ourselves with the best to give him the best.

4. Be intentional

One of the things I'm learning is to live every day, every hour, and every minute of my life as if it has a purpose because it does. When you live intentionally, you realize that everything you do, say, even think matters! When we invite ourselves to be intentional with our time, it is so much easier to find time for God even in the busiest and most chaotic moments in life.

5. Walk in humility

Oh has this been a lesson in my life throughout the last year or two. Walking in humility is not always easy because we're human; we are flesh and bones. But we also have a spirit inside of us that can fight pride and ego. And we need to do that on a daily basis. When we are prideful and egotistic, we are giving God the worst part of us, the part that he hates. As I type out those words, I get chills because of how strong of a thought that is. I never want to give God the worst in me because he didn't create that part in me. Sadly, that prideful and egotistic side of me and you are a result of sin. So lets fight that together and let's walk in humility and always give him the glory!

6. Be passionate about what you do

I have always said to myself. why do something that I don't love to do? It's a waste of time and energy to do something that you are not passionate for. Not only are you wasting your own valuable time, but you are also wasting Gods (sorry, that might have been a bit harsh, but it's the truth). When you do something for God, do it at your best. Love that you are doing it and be passionate about it because when you are passionate, you put your all into it. 

And last but not least....

7. Be honest with yourself

Ask yourself if you are actually giving God your best offering and then answer yourself too. There is no reason why you should not be honest with yourself. Sometimes we have to self evaluate ourselves so that we can reposition our hearts and mind onto what really matters. 


I thank God for what he is teaching me because it's allowing me to be able to share it with you. That's actually one of the ways that I am personally trying to give God my best offering: Sharing the knowledge that he's given me because there's no sense in keeping everything I learn to myself.

What's one way you've been giving God your best offering?
Do you have any ideas of what else I can add to this list?

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  1. My word this year will be to Delight. I get bogged down in the routine of daily life and I forget to just enjoy life. I believe God wants to enjoy life with us! Thanks for your post!

  2. Walking in humility is probably the hardest one of these for me. I have asked God to change me in this area.

  3. Number 6 is so important and something l try to do more of. One point for me ia giving God my time. Thanks for these tips!

  4. 3 and 5 are my favorites. Yes always plenty for me to strive for. Thank you for sweet encouragement.

  5. Wonderful reminders of how to grow our relationship with Jesus in the simple everyday moments of life.

  6. #6 is a good one. I'm involved in a lot of things in my church because we are a small ministry. So I end up doing things that I don't necessarily feel are my calling. But I try to be passionate about it still.


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