Removing the Filter

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If you want to make an impact, you have to remove the filters.
I felt those words burning in my spirit after reading Naaman’s story (2 Kings 5:1-15). This man was a warrior and captain of the Syrian army. He was highly respected in his community, but, he was filtering out what he didn’t want them to see. Secretly, he was a leper — he was unclean. And it took someone who was close to him to realize that he needed to be healed because he was hurting himself more than he was making an impact.  

I wonder how many of us portray this perfectly filtered life, where we have a huge following, respect within our community — both church and family — and yet, are secretly living with a condition that is slowly murdering our spiritual lives because we’ve disguised it with what seems like spiritual maturity. 

So many of us are living and breathing anger, pride, bitterness, rebellion, unforgiveness, etc, and no one even knows it because of the filters. And quite frankly, it’s time to remove them and expose our true selves to ourselves! 

People are tired of seeing these “perfect” Christians who have it all together all the time. They want to see real people and the rawness of what God is doing in them.

How he heals anger.
How he heals pride.
How he heals bitterness.
How he heals rebellion.
How he heals unforgiveness.

That’s what they really want to see in us. Because if God can heal you, then He sure could do it in me! That’s all they want! I know because even in the last 9 years of my faith walk, I have looked to my neighbor to see how God is working in them as evidence that He isn’t done working in me. 

So we need to remove the filters in our lives and allow for people to see the good and the bad. Only then will we be making a true impact in the world.

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