My biggest struggle as a Network Marketer

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Network Marketer? What in the world is that? Those were exactly my thoughts just a year ago. Truth is, I had heard of the term, but never had an idea of what it was, not even in my adulthood. Now the sad part is, that when I finally learned what a Network Marketer was, I scoffed at the idea and thought it was nothing but scams.
I never once thought I would end up actually becoming one. Yup! I am a Network Marketer!!

So what exactly is Network Marketing? In the most basic term: it's a business model that acquires the help of independent distributors to get their products sold. I work for a Health and Wellness company that has been around for over 18 years and, my favorite part of it all, the CEO is a man of God! Yes, this is faith based company and I'm so grateful to be a part of it.

When I joined this company 8 months ago, I didn't think I would grow as an individual as much as I have. I honestly didn't think of much it. I didn't think I could actually make money because I had never been a "sales" person and I didn't think anyone would even take my business serious. But, the company had an amazing deal going on for people that wanted to join and I was able to join for half off. No money wasted, right? Right!

When I first started, I was a bit embarrassed to post about the products and talk to anyone about it because, I mean, who wants a total rando in their inbox talking about some product they've never heard about before, lol? No but really, I was embarrassed at first. But I as I continued to work the business, I started gaining the trust of my social media friends and they started buying from me. I began to really enjoy what I was doing, but as the time went on I started to struggle a little bit.

I wasn't struggling so much with the business, per say. When I say struggle, I mean with time management. I found myself on my phone 24/7 to the point where my oldest would ask me several times a day if I was still busy. It made me feel horrible. And on top of that, I wasn't giving God the time I needed to be giving him. I was feeling very discouraged because I couldn't figure out a balance to manage it all. And if I'm honest, I contemplated quitting many, many times. I wanted to be good at what I was doing. I wanted to make money. But if making my child feel abandoned and pushing God to the side was the result of my aspirations, was it even worth it?

It really was a big struggle for me. But one day I felt in my spirit that I needed to slow down. Yes, the amount of work that I put into my business determined my paycheck, but for me (it might be different for you), it wasn't and never will be about the money. It's about helping people feel better about themselves and spreading the Gospel.

If I was going to lose touch with God and my family over something material then I didn't want a part of it. I had to ask God for forgiveness and I pleaded for him to show me how to manage my time, if not, take me out of the business. Thankfully, I have been able to do a lot better. Give time to my kids and to God, and still be able to run my business part-time. If I don't get to a message right away, then oh well. I can always follow up later. And if I lose the sale because I didn't respond right then and there, then you know what, the sale was never for me anyway.

I'm learning that when we put stuff before God, God can't bless it. There was literally a time where I had  0 sales and I was getting so frustrated. But I did it to myself for not putting God first. When I started asking God for help, for guidance in time management and for him to direct me to the people that I needed to speak to about this opportunity and products, that's when I started to see things turn around slowly. God is the midst. And that's what matters!

If you're a fellow NM, I'd love for you to share what your biggest struggle has been in this endeavor and how you have been able to overcome it.

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