Write for us!

Hi friend! I want to thank you in advance for considering us as your next writing opportunity. You have no idea just how much it means to me. Here is a short guide for submitting your guest post. I look forward to hearing from you soon! 




  • Must be an original post that has not been previously published on your site or any other.
  • Must be at least 300 words, but not exceeding 1000 words.
  • Must use short paragraphs. PLEASE no block writing.
  • One image is allowed and must be your own. If the image is not your own, please site the source. We will provide you with a pinable image if your post is approved. Please do not use a pinable image as your one picture.
  • No promoting of any products, websites, or companies.
  • No affiliated links!!!

Hit that send button!

  • Send your post to: canoministries@gmail.com
  • Subject: Guest Submission + Your post title
  • In your email, include a short bio, a photo of you (as an attachment), a link to your blog, and any links to your social media for your readers to connect with you.
  • Allow 24-48 hours to be notified whether your post has been accepted or declined ( I haven't declined anything yet, so no worries).
    • If your post is approved, you will be notified with the date and time that it will be published.
    • If your post is declined, that does not mean you cannot submit another post. Please make sure your next post is within the spirit of our blog. We will let you know why we were unable to accept your post at the time.

You've been published. Now what?

After your post has been published on our blog, we recommend that you post a short teaser on your own site (if you have one), linking back to your post on our site. We also recommend that you check back every so often to interact with your readers in the comments.

We will promote your post on twitter, instagramfacebook, and pinterest ( be sure to promote as well ), as well as send out an email to our subscribers letting them know we've got an awesome post by YOU.

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